Our Ghyd to Good

Ghyd offers exclusive adventure travel packages designed to help you raise money for your next big fundraiser.

  • Select Experience

    Choose from over 5 exotic destinations to find the exclusive experience that best fits your charity fundraiser.

  • Auction at Your Event

    Maximize your fundraising revenue by selling a Ghyd adventure travel package during your event.

  • Tell Us What You Sold

    No payment or transaction occurs unless an item sells. After your event, you only pay for the experiences you made money on.

  • Winners Redeem

    We take care of everything your winning bidder needs to redeem their exclusive Ghyd adventure travel experience.


Fundraising Adventures with Purpose

Ghyd creates the exclusive experience package and you set a profitable minimum bid and fundraising goal. Watch the funds roll in as your Ghyd adventure auction item inspires support from sponsors, donors and your member’s personal networks. Ignite advocates for your cause — ones that might have come for the adventure but stay for you.

Ghyd Gives Tools



Help with all aspects of marketing

Digital Media

Digital Media

Use of social media outlets

Promo Material

Promo Material

Custom designed documents



Advertising on the Ghyd website

Charity Partners


Responsible Travel

We encourage people to discover and explore our wild and beautiful world responsibly and sustainably, designing each adventure travel experience conscientiously, so that travelers may fully experience, understand and protect the destination areas they’re traveling to.

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Contact Us

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