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Born and raised in South Carolina, Johnson started traveling at a very young age. Family vacations made a huge impact on him, but not for the reasons you might expect. As oppose to noticing the surreal beauty and tranquility of the places they travelled, he always seemed to be much more interested in the people.

After travelling to many remote locations in Latin America, he realized a need for people to see the inner beauty of the destinations they were visiting. From the foods you eat, to the places you stay, someone has been there for generations. It wasn’t long before he was living in Argentina, guiding travel groups to Buenos Aires and Patagonia and slowly moving toward the warmer Central American climate.      

Johnson founded Ghyd with all the same principles he believes in when he travels. Ghyd’s DNA is forged from the authenticity of the destinations it offers. It’s not the amount of the destinations a person visits, but the quality of the experience. His goal was simple, he wanted people to “travel with a purpose,” and if you travel with Ghyd, you will see that it does just that.

Favorite Travel Story

Having my truck break down in an extremely small town in Patagonia and everyone immediately coming out to help me, even though my Spanish was incredibly bad at the time.

Next Experience

Whale Shark Migration, Panama

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